HipHop Virtual Machine – WordPress Benchmarks

As part of my work for Mythic Beasts, I benchmarked HipHop Virtual Machine (HHVM) performance in a number of environments (including Apache and Nginx) when serving a WordPress site. Much to my excitement, I discovered that HHVM was approximately 7 times faster than Mod_PHP or PHP-FPM when static caching wasn’t used.

HipHop and WordPress: if you’re tired of  tea then you’re tired of life… | Mythic Beasts

If this seems interesting then I’m going to write a small series of blog posts about getting HHVM running in a production environment, including further performance enhancements, and isolating different websites which share the same server.


Hello world!

This is probably my hundredth attempt at blogging – I’m not very good at continuing blogs, even though I’m told that I should have plenty to blog about. Here’s hoping I do better this time!

I’m a gap year student working for clueful hosting company, Mythic Beasts (thanks Esgob!) as a software developer. In my spare time, I enjoy photography and travelling.